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As the smaller creatures are terrified by what is happening to them, they grow more dangerous, and Lana is threatened. Ghost Soldier, preserving human life, slices the creatures to pieces, causing their mangled bodies to return to their original form. Lana is horrified, but Ghost Soldier claims she should blame Superman for bringing them up to the surface in the first place. Superman, of course, is enraged, though he attempts to remain calm. He can't contain it, however, and attacks, knowing full well that most of his attacks are easily evaded by someone who can phase through him. Luring Ghost Soldier in close, Superman uses his Freeze Breath to freeze the attacker's molecules, and prevent him from phasing - with the unfortunate side-effect of freezing much of the insect and animal life in the area, to his regret.

Superman has been stabbed a second time by Ghost Soldier, who claims that he is loyal only to humanity, and that Superman's actions in sympathy toward the creatures who live in Imperial Subterranea, bringing them to the surface, are unacceptable. Fortunately, Lana Lang is there to back up her old friend. With her distraction provided, Superman tries to stop his bleeding, taking stock of the situation. He must protect Lana and the energy source they recovered from below. He must discover why the sun causes the cute creatures from underground to transform into monsters. Among those monsters is Superman's young friend Baka, who takes the form of a massive creature in sunlight, frightening humans like Lana's former coworkers, who now fire their guns at what they cannot understand.

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